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Carpet ownership can be a blissful experience if you practice some simple preventative maintenance for carpet. Just follow these common sense steps and your carpets will look and perform at their best for many, many years. Here are a few tips to make it possible:1. Use walk-off mats at all entrances from the outdoors. It’s surprising how much dirt these mats capture and prevent from being tracked throughout your home. (And don’t forget to clean your mats often!)2. Go shoeless. It’s not mandatory mind you, but going without shoes will save on wear and tear over time. Of course, it will also cut down on dirt transfer.3. Keep your air filters clean. People don’t normally associate the condition of HVAC air filters with preventative maintenance for carpet, but clean air filters will capture more dust than you think… which means less dust settling on your floor.4. Routine vacuuming. Soils contribute significantly to unnecessary wear, so regular vacuuming is a great habit to get into for preventative maintenance for carpet. Vacuuming regularly also helps maintain indoor air quality by removing allergens such as dust, pet dander and pollen.5. Take care of stain-causing spills before they have a chance to set-in. Remember, all spots and stains, regardless of warranty, require immediate attention. The longer you wait to clean it up, the greater the risk of it becoming permanent.6. Have your carpet cleaned professionally every 12 to 24 months.Always follow your manufacturer’s care and cleaning guidelines when practicing preventative maintenance for carpet to maintain your warranty.

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  • The Art of Vaccuming

The proper vacuuming is one of the most important things you can do to prolonging its life. Removing the dirt actually helps maintain the appearance of your carpet by preventing “pile crush.” Pile crush occurs when infrequently vacuumed fibers get matted-down by heavy foot traffic.It may seem obvious, but do you know all techniques to vacuum your carpet? Here are a few helpful hints to make household cleaning and vacuuming more beneficial to your carpet:1. Dust your room from “the top-down” before. Allow gravity to work for you as you clean.2. When your vacuum cleaner bag reaches half-full, change it. As bags or containers begin to fill-up, they become less efficient.3. Store things like shoes off the floor to make vacuuming in closets easier.4. If you live in a two-story house, go ahead and get two vacuum cleaners: one for the upstairs and one for the downstairs. Don’t let to the hassle of carrying your vacuum cleaner up and down a flight of stairs keep you from the proper vacuuming.5. To clean carpeted stairs, work from the top–down with a hand-held vacuum cleaner.6. Setting the vacuum cleaner height correctly really does make a difference.7. Always look for the Carpet and Rug Institute Seal of Approval on vacuum cleaner equipment and attachments. It’s your assurance that you’re buying the best tools for the job.In order to achieve proper vacuuming, it should ideally occur about once a week in most homes. The more traffic you have in certain areas, like hallways, around entrances, etc., the more often you should do it.



  • Get the most from your professional carpet cleaning investment.

So you’re taking care of your carpet and vacuuming it regularly. Outstanding! Now here’s some professional carpet cleaning advice to keep in mind before you call in the pros:1. Make sure your service carries the Carpet and Rug Institute Seal of Approval. That certification means they use only cleaning equipment and materials certified by the CRI. And be sure to ask if the equipment they use also carries the Seal of Approval.2. Get an in-home inspection and estimate before you commit to anything. Don’t rely on advertising claims and quotes over the phone. Getting your quote in writing is some of the best advice we can give.3. Point out any spots or stains that need special attention ahead of time. Usually, professionals won’t charge anything additional for routine spot removal or furniture moving.4. Select a service that offers the “deep extraction” method: vacuuming, pre-spray, agitation, rinse and hot water extraction. If the detergent residue isn’t thoroughly extracted, your floor won’t stay clean for long.5. Stay off of it until it’s completely dry. More importantly, do not move your furniture back until you’re absolutely certain it’s completely dry. Furniture placed on carpeting that is even slightly damp could ruin the carpet permanently.6. Additionally, always follow your manufacturer’s care and cleaning guidelines to maintain your warranty.More professional carpet cleaning advice can be found at the Carpet and Rug Institute website at are many reasons to take our professional carpet cleaning advice to heart. Together with routine vacuuming, professional cleaning every 12 to 24 months is the best way we know to make your beautiful carpet last, keep your indoor air quality healthy and protect your decorating investment. Bliss carpets are made with the very best fiber technology and latest stain resistant treatments, but they don’t take care of themselves! That part is up to you.

Prevent spills from becoming stains.

It’s a mathematical certainty: Accidents are going to happen. Here are a few spot removal tips to keep in mind whenever you have that inevitable “oops.” Many of these are common sense notions. Some may surprise you. But all are effective in to helping your carpet look its best.1. Respond to a spill or accident quickly. Even with the most stain-resistant carpet fibers, the longer you wait to clean it up, the greater the risk of the stain becoming permanent. This is especially true of mustard, red wine or grape juice spills – in other words, foods and liquids with deep coloring.2. Start with a white absorbent cotton towel or a plain white paper towel to blot up the spill. There’s always the possibility that the dyes in a printed towel could be transferred to your carpet. To keep it from spreading, start blotting around the spill’s outside edge and work your way in toward the center. Keep blotting until the area is only barely damp.3. One of the best spot removal tips we know of is to purchase a spot remover with the Carpet and Rug Institute Seal of Approval. It’s your assurance you’re getting the best product available. And don’t wait until you have an accident! Buy it ahead of time and keep it where you can get to it.4. Don’t have a remover handy? Believe it or not, plain water often works very well.5. You can also try a detergent solution of ¼ teaspoon of a clear dishwashing liquid mixed with one cup of warm water. This formula works well for spilled wine or chocolate.The best spot removal tips always include a dose of caution. Be careful to always follow your manufacturer’s advice on stain removal. And always include the testing of any product you apply in a location that won’t be noticed (in a closet, for example). Never, ever scrub your carpet to get a stain out. You may well end up making the problem worse.For more spot removal tips, go to Beaulieu® of America Carpet Care Guide & Warranty Information. There you’ll find a list of remedies for a variety of spilled substances.

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